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Bronx Community College

Flash ActionScript

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Overview / Abstract:

Students will create vector graphics using Flash's drawing tools. Students will create basic animations using motion and shape tweening. Students will create interactive Flash projects using ActionScript. Students will create a web-based application that reads from files and links to other pages. Students will create accessible content using Flash. Students will import sound and video into their Flash animations. Students will need a copy of Flash. A 30-day trial is available.

This course will give the student an overview of the workings of Flash ActionScripting. Students will learn how to use ActionScripting to create content, create and manipulate components, to load movies, and to animate colors and filters. Students will need a copy of Flash. A 30-day trial is available.

The Flash ActionScript bundle includes 2 courses:

Flash Introduction
Flash ActionScript


Oct 03, 2020


Information Technology , Software Programming





Credits / Hours

64 Hours / 7 Weeks / Mentor Supported

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Bronx Community College

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