Our Mission:
To provide industry-leading online interactive self-study Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Professional Development courses and exams for CPAs, licensed professionals, general practitioners, and individuals.

Our Goals:
Being CPAs, University Professors, Lecturers, and Information Systems professionals we noticed a need in the market place for a web site that delivered high quality interactive self-study CPE courses and exams at a reasonable cost. With that in mind we developed a site that:
Provides courses designed to meet or exceed state and NASBA/AICPA standards.
Provides courses of equal or higher quality than sites costing much more.
Provides courses at a price equal to or lower than no frills sites.
Access courses for up to 5 years thereby creating your own internet based library.
Allows you to navigate anywhere in the site with a minimal number of clicks.
Saves your place in courses and exams allowing you to progress at your pace.
Allows you to move around in a course at will.
Allows full text searching of all courses.

A Complete Guide to Investing (Fundamentals of Investments)

This course teaches you the securities market, the various types of investment securities (stocks, bond, options, futures, tax-advantaged investments, mutual funds, etc.), and the risk-return characteristics of each. It focuses on the principles and tools of investment analysis, asset allocation, portfolio selection and management. The course tells you what are available to invest in, the featur...

Adding Financial Planning to Your CPA Practice

This course covers the process to be used when the CPA firm adds the service of Financial Planning for their clients. It encompasses the areas of expertise needed by the CPA to be a professional Financial Planner. Coverage of the areas of the financial plan is provided through basic discussion of the concepts, theories, and definitions involved in the financial planning process. Guidelines are p...

Applied Operations Management: Manufacturing and Services

This course teaches you how to manage operations and productive systems. Operations management involves the planning, coordinating, and executing of all activities that create goods or services. You will gain a working knowledge of methods for designing operational functions, systems and processes; will learn to apply strategic and operational decisions in improving processes for delivering good...

Courtesy Bootcamp (Video)

First and foremost, common courtesy is becoming a loss and it costs businesses up to thirty percent of what their annual revenue could be. Public Speaker, Edutainer, Civility Engineer, Anthonette Klinkerman and her Courtesy Bootcamp ™ is just what you want at your next event to provide a crash course in courtesy for your -people development- needs.

Exchange Traded Funds

This course looks at ETFs, securities designed to replicate the performance of a stock or bond index (e.g., S&P 500 Index or Lehman Brothers 20+ Year Treasury Index.) It covers the manner in which ETFs are created and offered to investors. It looks at the key features of ETFs and how they stack up to comparable products, such as index mutual funds, including such areas as tax advantages. The cou...

Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Overview

Financial markets represent the lifeblood of our global economy. These mechanisms promote greater economic efficiency by transferring funds from individuals, businesses and governments with an excess of available funds to those with a shortage. Funds are transferred in the financial markets through the purchase and sale of financial instruments (such as stocks and bonds). Short-term financial in...

Financial Planning Basics for Individuals

This basic course covers the overall approach by the individual to the financial planning process. It encompasses the areas of expertise needed by individuals to do the process or to know when they need a professional financial planner. Coverage of the areas of the financial plan is provided through basic discussion of the concepts, theories, and definitions involved in the financial planning pr...

Payment Processing Considerations to Comply with IRS and PCI-DSS Regulations & Policies (Video)

This 1 hour pre-recorded webinar will focus on the credit card and payment processing industry. It discusses an overview of the industry, IRS forms and filings related to payment processing methods (IRS section 6050W and form 1099-K), Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), the Durbin Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act, and other industry issues. These issues are of primary int...

Personal Financial Planning for Accountants

A comprehensive course on personal finance. What is more important to the "average person”' than personal financial planning and money management? This course teaches you all the major areas in personal financial planning—planning your personal finances, managing your personal finances, making your purchase decisions, insuring your resources, investing tour financial resources, and controlli...

The Professional Financial Consultant: Commercial, SBA, Real Estate, and Venture Capital Financing

This course is designed to train people interested in financing services to develop the knowledge and techniques required to approve and package a variety of loans and financing, such as SBA loans and venture capital financing. Understanding the new money markets and finding available sources of capital for investment, expansion, real estate development, and personal investment have challenged t...

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