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Fabrication of Provisional Crowns and Bridges

The days of being “just” a dental assistant are gone. As we continually strive to learn new things and improve our skills, the role of a dental assistant changes. In many states, laws concerning dental assistants are changing and the dental assistant is now able to perform more, such as fabricating provisional crowns and bridges. With this growth comes new responsibilities. This course...
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Full Coverage Aesthetic Restoration of Anterior Primary Teeth

Aesthetic treatment of severely decayed primary teeth is one of the greatest challenges to pediatric dentists. Aesthetic full coverage restorations are available for anterior and posterior primary teeth. This continuing education course will concentrate on aesthetic full coverage restorations for anterior primary teeth. A subsequent course will deal with full coverage of posterior primary tee...
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Helping the Special Needs Patient Maintain Oral Health

Poor oral hygiene and dental disease may be more prevalent in patients with disabilities due to the effects of their condition and medication on the oral environment. This course provides dental professionals with information to help the patient with special needs and the caregiver attain the appropriate knowledge to treat and maintain good oral health.
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The Patient with Special Needs: General Treatment Considerations

Patients with disabilities, who make up a large segment of the population, are often overlooked when it comes to oral health care for a variety of reasons. However, it is our responsibility as dental health care professionals to meet the needs of this very special group of patients. By taking this course the dental professional will be able to recognize the patient with special needs, understa...
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