Printing Machine Maintenance

By prioritising employee training, we ensure that each machine is serviced as per the standards & procedures specified by the original machine manufacturers. For reliable support, we facilitate engineer appointments through our dedicated help line as well as through our website.
System Electronics

Project Risk Management

Risks must be considered in all engineering projects. This course examines both the positive and negative sides of risk management. This course assists the engineer in dealing with risk by helping the engineer to identify risks; quantify, prioritize and develop responses to risk; outlining of methods for setting up contingencies; handling risk during the project, and closing a risk. Merriam-Webster defines risk as “the possibility that something bad or unpleasant (such as an injury or ...

Project Management

Learn about the foundational project management principles necessary to effectively meet all expectations with regard to final project delivery, including the established goals of time, budget, and quality. The manner in which a business organization manages its projects is the key to developing and retaining clients and being a profitable operation. Everyone in an organization is involved, either directly or indirectly, in projects which the organization undertakes. Each person can contrib...

Mechanical Engineering Overview

Reviews the subjects of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, designed for professional engineers of all experience levels. The course provides a review of the basic principles of mechanical engineering as they relate to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. It is designed for the experienced professional engineer desiring a refresher course or for the professional engineer whose undergraduate curricula did not include air conditioning. The course was authored by Char...

Grounding and Bonding of Electrical Systems

An introduction to grounding and bonding and application information for engineers with all levels of electrical design experience. This course familiarizes engineers with electrical system grounding and bonding issues associated with solidly grounded systems under 600V. This course can serve as an introduction to grounding and bonding for engineers with little or no professional electrical design experience. The course also presents practical, but not widely known, grounding and bonding ap...

Florida Building Code (2014 - 5th Edition), Chapter 16: Building Structural Design (Course #732.0)

Advanced course on Chapter 16, Building Structural Design, 2014 Florida Building Code 5th Edition. This course satisfies requirements of Chapter 471.0195, F.S., which requires all licensees actively participating in the design of engineering works or systems in connections with buildings, structures, or facilities covered under the Florida Building Code to take advanced continuing education courses on the Florida Building Code. This course is approved by the Florida Board of Professional...

Ethics I for Professional Engineers

Reviews the approach of the study of ethics, 5 prominent theories of ethics, and the application of these theories to serving the public as a Professional Engineer. Ethics is defined as the study of standards of conduct and moral judgment; moral philosophy. The purpose of this course is to provide guidelines for ethical conduct for practitioners engaged in engineering activities. The course concludes with an evaluation exam covering all three chapters of the text. This course is designed...

Emergency and Standby Power Systems

Practical emergency and standby power system application information for both beginning and seasoned electrical design professionals alike. The nature of electrical power failures, interruptions, and their duration covers a range in time from micro seconds to days. In the face of possible failures of normal electrical utility power sources, a reliable alternative supply of electric power must be provided for facilities and systems that cannot go without power. This course can serve as an...

EE 101: An Introduction to Electrical Engineering Concepts for the non-Electrical Engineer

Guides non-electrical engineers through the many questions that arise when they must interact with and understand the subject of electrical power. For many non-electrical engineers (civil, mechanical, structural, fire protection, and other design professionals), understanding how electricity "works" and knowing how to specify equipment that utilizes electricity can be confusing. Electricity can't be pumped out of the ground like oil or captured from moving air like wind energy. So it is ...

Design-Build Project Delivery

Familiarize yourself with Design-Build project delivery concepts, a rapidly-growing trend in North American engineering projects. Design-Build Project Delivery familiarizes practitioners with Design-Build procedures and concepts. The course is authored by William H. Palm, P.E., a consulting engineer with over 30 years experience in private practice. This course contains information as to best practices in the area of design build activity. This course meets the NCEES Guidelines of a c...

Construction Project Scheduling

Learn effective methods of scheduling construction projects and assure construction managers that projects will be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Time is money! The time needed for completion of a construction project and the money required to complete it are most often the major concern to all parties involved in a project. The owner may be interested in shortening each phase of the project or s/he may want to extend the project due to budget cuts, but there is a close re...

Administering the Construction Project

Learn how to guide construction projects from the pre-construction phase to project close out successfully. Administering the Construction Project is authored by William H. Palm, P.E. and reviews the management and administrative procedures that practitioners will need to guide construction projects from the pre-construction phase to project close out successfully. The course will benefit professional engineers serving as project managers or field representatives by presenting techniques th...

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