Cruising the Seychelles & Coastal Tanzania: Hot Topics in Medical, Dental & Public Health Issues

Luxury Expedition with Abercrombie & Kent on Le Jacques Cartier March 11 – 24, 2023 Join PES on an unforgettable, luxury expedition cruise aboard the 148-guest Le Jacques Cartier with A&K’s renowned Expedition Team for 12 nights exploring coastal Tanzania and Seychelles, where idyllic beaches, lush emerald mountains, and UNESCO-protected wildlife reserves await! CME/CE Lecture Seminars for Medical, Dental, Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professionals This Seminar is planned for 14...
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Dreams of Tahiti Cruise on Windstar: Treatment Considerations in Isolated Communities

Discover paradise in French Polynesia! Join PES for 8 nights to explore the best of the South Pacific with its crystal-clear lagoons, colorful coral gardens, lush rainforests, and Polynesian culture—while sailing aboard the 148-guest sailing yacht, Windstar Wind Spirit! This Seminar is planned for 12 Continuing Education Credit Hours. CME/CE Professional Seminar Fee: $695 Seminar Attendance Fee: $450 CME/CE credits, Certificates of Completion and possible tax deductible gui...
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Florida Laws and Rules for Massage Therapists CE

This course fulfills the Laws and Rules of the Board requirement for FL massage therapists through discussing the Massage Practice Act, licensure, rules and regulations and more.

Massage and Fibromyalgia Syndrome

This course reviews the nature of fibromyalgia, the methods of diagnosis, its treatment and the important factors to consider when giving massages to patients with fibromyalgia.

THAI MASSAGE HIP THERAPY online training course. 12 CE credits.

THAI MASSAGE HIP THERAPY is an online training course with 6 hours of specialized hip therapy techniques.
Thai Healing Massage Academy

THAI MASSAGE FOR SCIATICA online training course with 8 NCBTMB approved CE hours.

Thai Massage For Sciatica is an online training course. It is a highly detailed and specialized training program which teaches you all you need to know to work on the sciatica issues of your clients. You will learn the symptoms and causes of sciatica, the anatomy of sciatica work, the most effective Thai Massage techniques for sciatica, and a good selection of self-help exercises. Thai Massage For Sciatica is taught by Shama Kern, founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy. Shama ...
Thai Healing Massage Academy

THAI BACK MASSAGE online training course with 22 NCBTMB approved CE hours.

Thai Back Massage is an online training course with the most in depth training for therapeutic Thai back massage on the market. The training is all hands on, presented just like in a class room, with highly detailed explanations and close ups of all techniques. Thai Back Massage is taught by Shama Kern, founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy. Shama has been practicing and teaching therapeutic Thai Massage for 20 years. The course consists of 24 video modules, each appro...
Thai Healing Massage Academy

MyCred Presentation Portfolios for Healthcare Professionals

MyCred Portfolios are electronic credential and achievement presentation portfolios designed to store and present an individual’s educational, professional, and experiential accomplishments. MyCred Portfolios serve to educate, influence, and inspire an individual’s viewing audience leading to stronger professional relationships and positive outcomes. MyCred Portfolios offer the flexibility, scalability, and portability to support an individual throughout their continuum of education ...

HANDS FREE MASSAGE online training course. Practice Thai Massage without stressing your hands. Preserve your career and your health with this unique course. 8 NCBTMB approved CE hours.

HANDS FREE MASSAGE is based on Thai Massage techniques and is presented on a floor mat. This course teaches how to effectively massage by using forearms, elbows, knees and feet. It is assumed that you are an experienced therapist already. You will not learn a new modality with this training, but you will learn how to use your body much more effectively. This training can be a massage therapist's career saver, since it allows you to replace your hands as your primary working tool. You w...
Thai Healing Massage Academy

THAI ROCKING MASSAGE, the next step in the evolution of THAI MASSAGE. Online training course with 12 NCBTMB approved CE credits.

THAI ROCKING MASSAGE is based on traditional Thai Massage, but it adds more motion based techniques. This adaptation results in several major benefits: 1. It is easier on the hands of the therapist 2. It avoids direct pressure techniques and replaces them with more round, flowing techniques. This makes the massage experience less painful and more pleasant for the client. 3. Rocking techniques often affect the entire body instead of one localized area, making this style more effective with...
Thai Healing Massage Academy

THAI MASSAGE SHOULDER THERAPY, an online training course covering over 80 shoulder massage techniques, 10 CE credit hours.

THAI MASSAGE SHOULDER THERAPY is the most in depth online shoulder training course on the market. There are 5 hours of video training with detailed, step by step instructions for 80 shoulder massage techniques. THAI MASSAGE SHOULDER THERAPY will enable you to become a highly specialized shoulder massage expert. The techniques come primarily from the Thai Massage system and are demonstrated on a floor mat. However many of them can be done on a massage table as well. This system is not limite...
Thai Healing Massage Academy

THAI FOOT MASSAGE, a complete online training system for learning all aspects of authentic Thai foot massage, Thai reflexology, and foot therapy for many conditions. 10 NCBTMB approved CE hours.

THAI FOOT MASSAGE is a complete online training system for foot massage as it is practiced and taught in Thailand. There are three parts to this training: 1. Foot massage as part of traditional Thai Massage 2. Thai Reflexology, which is a stand-alone massage system 3. Foot therapy for specific foot conditions This course is not a theoretical presentation about Thai foot massage - it is real hands-on training presented on video, audio, and text media and has helped many students to le...
Thai Healing Massage Academy

HEAVENLY HEAD MASSAGE online multi-media training course with 12 NCBTMB approved CE credits.

HEAVENLY HEAD MASSAGE is highly specialized bodywork focusing exclusively on the upper body: upper chest, neck, head and face. This modality consists of several elements: 1. It will train you to develop a truly heavenly touch and enable you to put your clients into a blissful trance. 2. Besides head massage, it also contains highly in-depth training for neck therapy which will enable you to give full one hour neck therapy sessions. 3. You will learn how to give a blissfully relaxing f...
Thai Healing Massage Academy

COMPLETE THAI MASSAGE multi-media online training course with 30 NCBTMB approved CE credits.

COMPLETE THAI MASSAGE is the most in-depth online training course for Thai Massage on the market. It includes 15 hours of detailed, step by step video training. In addition students receive three free advanced bonus courses with an additional 8 hours of video training for a total of 22 hours of training. The course also includes illustrated transcripts of the training modules, and an audio-only version for listening on the go. This course includes all levels, all positions, and all the t...
Thai Healing Massage Academy

Washington: HIV/AIDS, 7 units

Addresses the requirement for the 7-unit course on HIV/AIDS for healthcare workers in Washington State. Covers six subject areas: HIV etiology and epidemiology, transmission precautions and infection control, testing and counseling, clinical manifestations and treatment, legal and ethical issues, and psychosocial issues.
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