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Audits of State and Local Governments

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Overview / Abstract:

Upon successful completion of this program, the user should be able to:
Discuss the significant changes to the AICPA Codification of Auditing Standards
Discuss the 2011 revision of Government Auditing Standards
Explain the purposes and types of risk assessment and other planning procedures
Discuss the entity and its environment, including its internal control
Discuss audit planning decisions and judgments, including materiality and risk levels
Discuss substantive procedures required in every audit
Discuss the application of tests of details (including tests of compliance) and substantive analytical procedures to transactions and balances
Discuss how to use audit sampling in tests of details
Discuss how to evaluate tests of controls and assess control risk
Discuss audit sampling in tests of controls
Explain the considerations involved in developing audit programs
Discuss the unique accounting, financial reporting, and auditing characteristics of the following types of governmental units: school districts, hospitals and other healthcare providers, airports, public housing authorities, financing authorities, and utilities
Explain the accounting, financial reporting, and auditing characteristics of transportation systems, postemployment benefit plans, public entity risk pools, external investment pools, colleges and universities, Indian tribal governments, and state governments
Discuss general and concluding audit procedures related to commitments and contingencies, litigation, claims, and assessments, subsequent events, related parties, and going concern
Explain accounting estimates and fair value and written representations
Discuss accumulated results of audit procedures, analytical procedures and review of audit documentation, and summarization and evaluation of audit evidence
Discuss standard reports on the basic financial statements, including the dating of reports, and reports on the financial statements of an individual fund or a component unit
List additional requirements for reports in an audit conducted in accordance with the Yellow Book standards, including the reports on the financial statements of opinion units and the report on internal control and compliance and other matters
Explain auditors' association with municipal debt issuances


Aug 18, 2020


Accounting , Financial Advisor CE


Book, DVD, Online, Workbook


145.00 - 239.00

Credits / Hours

Textbook w/Video Online: 15 QAS/Registry (based on 50-minute hour)
Textbook Only & Online: 12 QAS/Registry (based on 50-minute hour)

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Bisk CPEasy

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