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Becker Professional Education

Accounting for Derivative Financial Instruments & Hedging Activities (ASC 815/SFAS 133 & SFAS149)

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Overview / Abstract:

Using relevant examples and illustrations, participants will explore the specifics of ASC 815 and how the revised standards differ from previous guidance. Review the hedging activities and derivative instruments available today, and separate myth from reality as you gain the knowledge and hands-on experience that can ensure compliance. After completing this session you will be able to:

Identify the risks that corporations face
Apply the key accounting principles followed under ASC 815
Apply procedures for reporting of Comprehensive Income under ASC 220 (SFAS 130)
Identify when to use hedge accounting principles e.g., formal documentation, hedge effectiveness, ineffective hedges
Define the three types of FX Risk, FX Hedging philosophy, the associated FX terminology
Define embedded derivatives and the calculations utilized to determine a gain or loss on currency hedging activities and common variations under ASC 815


Aug 18, 2020


Accounting , Financial Advisor CE





Credits / Hours

2.00 CPE

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Becker Professional Education

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