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Common ADA Errors in Facilities Design

Access Activity

Overview / Abstract:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that new construction and alterations to existing facilities comply with the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The Justice Department is the government agency responsible for enforcing the ADA. As part of its enforcement efforts, the Department has conducted numerous on-site investigations of newly constructed or altered public accommodation facilities and has observed certain common ADA problems. In this course, a sampling of common accessibility errors or omissions is presented. For each error or omission, the specific requirement of the Standards that has not been met is given. The purpose of the course is to help engineers avoid these common ADA mistakes and comply with the law when designing and constructing or altering new facilities.

This course is based on a compilation of two documents from the U.S. Department of Justice: 1) “Common ADA Errors and Omissions in New Construction and Alterations,” June 1997; and 2) “Common ADA Problems at Newly Constructed Lodging Facilities,” November 1999. The first document makes occasional reference to figures found in “ADA Standards for Accessible Design,” excerpted from the Code of Federal Regulations, 28 CFR Part 36, revised as of July 1, 1994.

Learning Objectives:

Requirements for the number of accessible parking spaces
Provision of accessible routes, both exterior and interior
Regulations for curb and other ramps
Rules for stairs, doors, and circulation paths
Requirements for toilet rooms, bathrooms, roll-in showers, and drinking fountains
Rules for signage for identifying rooms
Rules for operating hardware such as knobs, latches, faucets, and heating and cooling controls
Requirements for provision of visual alarms
Regulations for proper accessible routes; absence of protruding objects
Need for provision of elevators


Aug 27, 2020


Civil Engineering , Electrical Engineering , HVAC , Mechanical Engineering





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PDH Source, LLC

Access Activity

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