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Radon Resistant Construction

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Overview / Abstract:

This is a continuing education course on building radon-resistant homes and buildings. The course provides an introduction to radon and how it emits from soils and accumulates in homes as a dangerous and deadly gas. From the understanding of how important radon resistance is, this course gives a detailed description on the implementation of different types of radon-resistant systems, how they differ, and what system to use where. This course also gives detailed instructions for installing radon-resistant systems in slab-on-grade or basement foundations, crawlspaces, and combination foundations.

Questions this course will answer:

• Does it make sense to build radon-resistant homes?
• What is radon?
• How does radon enter a house?
• Is radon a problem in homes?
• Is there a safe level of radon?
• How do air pressure and foundation type affect radon entry?
• What can you do to reduce radon in new and preexisting homes?


Aug 28, 2020


Civil Engineering , Green / Sustainability , Mechanical Engineering





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