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Classen-Buck Seminars, Inc.

57011-OS2 Officer Survival II

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Based on the text STREET SURVIVAL- Tactics for Armed Encounters by Charles Remsberg, this course deals with positive tactics officers can employ on the street to effectively use their own firearms to defeat those of assailant's. It is devoted exclusively to understanding and mastering techniques that work for survival in real life situations - not what works in range competition against paper targets or what some academician in a classroom speculates might work in some hypothetical encounter.

NOTE - The lesson material is NOT on-line for this course. You will be mailed a LOANER text book via USPS Priority Mail. Once you complete the lessons, you will take the lesson exams and final exam on-line. Upon successfully passing all the exams and returning, your Certificate of Completion will be available online. You will be awarded 60 TECLEOSE credit hours upon successful completion of the course.


Aug 28, 2020


Law Enforcement

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Donny Harland

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Classen-Buck Seminars, Inc.

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