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Classen-Buck Seminars, Inc.

57011-OS3 Officer Survival III (57011)

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Overview / Abstract:

This is the third in a distinctive series of books about how you stay alive and uninjured as a peace officer while confronting potentially violent criminals and criminal situations. This course, based on the text TACTICS FOR CRIMINAL PATROL by Charles Remsberg, explores the strategies behind a particular style of working the streets; specifically, how you can safely turn one of our most common activities-vehicle stops- into on site investigations that lead to significant felony arrests. Much of what is revealed here, as you'll see, can be applied to other assignments and emergency calls as well.

*Tactics of encounter* Position of advantage* Sensory pat-down* Detecting deception* Consent to search* Single-officer, self-defense* Tactical setup.

NOTE - The lesson material is NOT on-line for this course. You will be mailed a text book. Once you complete the lessons, you will take the lesson exams and final exam on-line. Once you have successfully passed all the exams and returned the text book, you may download and print your certificate of completion. You will be awarded 60 TECLEOSE credit hours upon successful completion of the course.


Aug 28, 2020


Law Enforcement

Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Donny Harland

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Classen-Buck Seminars, Inc. violent criminals, felony arrests, survival

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