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Classen-Buck Seminars, Inc.

THW Terrorism - How and Why 911 Terrorist Attack (3320)

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Overview / Abstract:

This course goes way beyond our "Tactics for Counter Terrorism" which provides officers on the street with plenty of recognition and response information. "Why & How of 911 Terrorist Attack", will provide in depth information on the reason this problem can grow to be a number one concern for law enforcement and our communities.

Abstract: This courses is designed to provide the student with the information required to develop an understanding of the basic beliefs of terrorists, with and emphasis on the systems of the Al Qaeda network, and a working knowledge, as police officers, of the components of the Al Qaeda (training) Manual. This information will facilitate the officer to better understand the "Why?" behind the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and "How?" they executed their plan without being detected by U.S. authorities. This material will allow the student to better understand the motives behind past and future terrorist events. The knowledge and information in this course goes beyond the expert level.

We wish to thank Deputy John Revelle for assisting us in this venture of providing state-of-the art training for law enforcement officers.

This course is awarded 24credit hours through TCLEOSE.


Aug 28, 2020


Law Enforcement

Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Donny Harland

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Classen-Buck Seminars, Inc. terrorists, Al Qaeda, 911, police, September 11

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