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OSHA Fatal Facts: Fatalities Caused by Improper Work

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Overview / Abstract:


In the United States, about 4,500 workers die each year in accidents on the job. Many of these accidents are the result of a failure to follow proper work practices. In an effort to increase awareness of this situation, OSHA maintains on its website a collection of “Fatal Facts”—summaries of accidents in which one or more workers died because of improper work practices. These summaries often make for gripping reading because they show repeatedly how simple mistakes can lead to tragic deaths. The present course focuses on thirty of the accident summaries, selected to provide exposure to a wide variety of accident types. The accident summaries are supplemented by background information about industrial accidents in general and the construction industry in particular. In addition, the lessons distilled from the accident summaries are used to formulate three common-sense principles of accident prevention.

This course is based on the article “OSHA Fatal Facts: Fatalities Caused by Improper Work Practices” by Mark Rossow, which uses some of the accident summaries from OSHA’s website,

Learning Objectives:

Principles of accident prevention
OSHA’s accident prevention recommendations for falls, asphyxiation, nail guns, trenches, electrocution and working near machinery
Importance of worker training, both in competence in operating equipment and in awareness of hazards existing on a particular job site
Importance of supervision and enforcement of proper work practices
OSHA resources available for helping employers reduce hazards occurring in particular situations
Extent and types of work-related accidents occurring in the United States
Most frequently cited OSHA violations
Disproportionate role played by falls in the fatal accidents totals
Significance of having a designated competent person present on the site
Fatal Four leading causes of construction accidents
Tremendous variety of work-place accidents that can lead to serious injury or death


Sep 05, 2020


Civil Engineering , Electrical Engineering , Green / Sustainability , Mechanical Engineering





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Dr. Mark P. Rossow, PhD, PE Retired

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PDH Source, LLC

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