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7 Hour SAFE Core_ Rules of the Road: A New Path to CFPB Compliance_Online Self Paced_ Course Number 4315

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Over the past several years, the CFPB has proven its dedication to increased awareness and protection in the mortgage industry. This was most recently proven through the adoption of a number of amendments to prominent federal laws governing the conduct of mortgage professionals. Tasked with the authority to amend laws and regulations in response to industry needs and public concerns, the CFPB has been hard at work developing new means of promoting safe and effective mortgage lending. As a result, 2014 introduces a new era of CFPB oversight, imposing stronger regulations on almost every aspect of the lending process. The importance of awareness and compliance has never been higher, and a thorough understanding of these amendments will be an essential part of successful business, now and in the future. Rules of the Road: A New Path to CFPB Compliance was created to provide students with a guide map to all of the information necessary to ensure a solid understanding of the rules as they start to take effect.
Rules of the Road: A New Path to CFPB Compliance is NMLS-approved for seven hours of core continuing education, which is the minimum standard for the yearly continuing education requirement set forth in the SAFE Act. Students will examine background information and new amendments to several federal laws in place to oversee the industry, including the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act, and the Truth-in-Lending Act. Students will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the new application of law to transactions, and get a unique in-depth view of the reasons behind the CFPB’s expanded protections – intended to support and help not only consumers, but mortgage professionals across the board.


Sep 17, 2020


Mortgage Broker



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