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This course is an overview of who a key employee is and why they should be insured. Key Man Insurance is critical for companies that depend on a few “Key People” to generate a large portion of the company’s revenue. The absence of one of these individuals usually results in the death of the company. The importance to a business of a chief executive (CEO), or another senior person, should not be overlooked. Whether they are a key decision-maker, visionary, or entrepreneur, it may be that a business’s survival and well-being hinges on the abilities of the key person. If this is the case, then perhaps ‘keyman’ (or indeed ‘keywoman’ or ‘keyperson’ or ‘business life’) insurance would be highly appropriate. This form of insurance is often overlooked, overshadowed by the day-to-day business of keeping a firm healthy and profitable. But a moment’s contemplation may allow a business to realise that their functioning may become difficult without the work of one or other ‘key’ person. This course explains what a key employee is and why there is a need to insure such an employee.


Sep 24, 2020


Financial Advisor CE, Insurance



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10.0 Hours

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