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Bronx Community College

Hotel and Restaurant Management Career Prep

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Overview / Abstract:

Hotel and Restaurant Management is one of the largest growing career fields, and it offers diverse employment opportunities. This course is intended to prepare students to enter the field of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Using a variety of learning activities and instructional methods, this course will provide a comprehensive overview of all aspects of hotel and restaurant management. Students will learn about front office duties, housekeeping and maintenance, food service, storage and planning, marketing, accounting, legal issues, and public relations. Upon completion of this course, students will be fully prepared to enter the hotel and restaurant management field in a variety of areas.

Students will:

List examples of the kinds of businesses that make up the hospitality industry.
Understand the various roles that a hospitality manager serves.
Identify and describe the key supply factors that are important to hospitality organizations.
List by size the major components of the food service industry, and describe the economic impact that the food service industry has on the economy.
Identify the food service segments that currently are growing or declining, and explain the reasons for these trends.
Identify the three main divisions of activity found in restaurant operations, and summarize their respective roles.
Describe the primary tools used to measure financial results in food service operations.
Describe the four Ps that make up the food service marketing mix, and define the food service product, describing the role of new products in food service competition.
Describe the five major segments of on-site food service operations and the employment opportunities each offers.
Describe the food service industry’s evolving use of technology in the following areas: guest ordering and payment; food production and refrigeration; marketing; managing banquet and catering departments; and management control and communication.
Identify the five criteria for classifying hotels, and name the types of hotels in each classification.
Name the major functional departments in a hotel, and explain the relationships that exist among them.
Describe the important impact of tourism on local and national economies, and list the factors contributing to the growth of travel and tourism.
Identify current trends in mode of travel and trip duration.
Describe line management and staff assistance functions, and explain the differences in authority that each exercises.


Oct 01, 2020


Office Management , Human Resources , Business & Management , Customer Service





Credits / Hours

250 Hours / 12 Months / Self-Paced

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Bronx Community College

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