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Bronx Community College

Fundamentals of Lean for Business Organizations

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Lean has its origin in the Japanese manufacturing industry in the 1980s as a waste reduction and improvement methodology. However, as it turned out, methods and principles of lean thinking spread to logistics, and from there on to the military and construction industries. Lean methods and principles have since been applied successfully across many other industries. Service and transactional industries that use Lean include healthcare, insurance, financial services and banking, call centers, government, IT, retail, and transportation. Lean is a methodology that incorporates a powerful set of tools and techniques designed to maximize customer value, while reducing waste along the entire value stream. It also focuses on improving overall efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. Due to its ability to improve customer satisfaction and deliver bottom line financial gains to organizations, it is a preferred strategic choice for many business organizations. This course introduces the basic principles of Lean, including the five-step Lean process cycle, and shows how Lean can be integrated with Six Sigma to offer an optimal production management solution that fits your company's unique business needs.


Oct 02, 2020


Office Management , Property Management , Business & Management , Customer Service , Sales





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75 Hours / 12 Months / Self-Paced

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Bronx Community College

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