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Bronx Community College

Java Programming Advanced

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Students who are familiar with programming in Java will expand their skills to include the development of web applications using Java Server Pages. Students will create Java Servlets and JavaBeans. Students will write JSP applications that use Session variables and that access a database.

Students will develop enterprise Java applications using J2EE. The class will start by covering the persistence tier of Java enterprise applications. The persistence tier is what makes the data we work with persistent - whether it is stored in a database or serialized to be written to a disk or sent to another device across a network connection. We will explore creating persistence objects, mapping them, managing them and working with callbacks and listeners. In the next section we will cover the business logic of the application - the part that does the work of the application by working with the persistence objects and getting them into a format that can be used by the presentation layer. We will create Enterprise Java Beans, Session Beans, Timer Services, and Transactions and Security. Next, we will cover the presentation layer, the part of the application the user works with. We will work with JavaServer Faces, and designing processing and navigation. The final part of the class will explore interoperability between applications by sending messages and creating SOAP and RESTful Web Services.

The Java Programming Advanced program includes 2 courses:

Java Server Pages
Java Enterprise


Oct 03, 2020


Information Technology , Software Programming





Credits / Hours

96 Hours / 3 Months / Mentor Supported

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Bronx Community College

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