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Bronx Community College

HTML5 and CSS3 Advanced

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Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to design the format and structure of your web pages can make your life as a web designer and web design maintainer much easier! CSS allows you to control the appearance of text, graphics and page layout for a single page or the entire site. If you decide later that you want to make a change to the design of the site you can change a few lines of CSS formatting and have the changes made without having to change the structure of the page. In this course you will learn to build web pages to best take advantage of using CSS to design the look of the site. You will learn to apply color, font and spacing attributes to pages for both web and print layout. Students will need a text editor or web site design tool. There are free tools available.


Oct 03, 2020


Information Technology , Software Programming





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30 Hours / 8 Weeks / Mentor Supported

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Bronx Community College

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