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Bronx Community College

HTML5 and CSS3 Introduction

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Whether you are planning to build a basic web page with pictures of the kids for Grandma to see, or planning to build the next e-commerce portal, you will be using HTML to build your pages. HTML is the language of the web and what gives us all the ability to access the information regardless of the type of computer or types of applications we run.

HTML is in the process of becoming XHTML, Extensible HyperText Markup Language. This new generation of markup language focuses on the description of what the text is. Formatting is removed from the markup language and left to the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). HTML will always be with us, but the move to XHTML will make your web pages better structured and more accessible to the world.

Another aspect of web design that we will focus on throughout the class is making sure that you are building web pages that are accessible to those that use screen readers or other aids when they are viewing web pages. We will also look at ways you can improve the ability of your web pages to be translated to other languages.


Oct 03, 2020


Information Technology , Software Programming





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30 Hours / 8 Weeks / Mentor Supported

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Bronx Community College

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