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Including Students with Special Needs: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

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Overview / Abstract:

As more students with special needs are integrated into general education classrooms, many teachers are challenged by the goal of addressing the needs of all their students. This graduate-level course will help you gain the skills to support an inclusive classroom environment and to provide a high-quality learning experience, so that students with special needs can succeed alongside their grade-level peers. You will also learn how to support students who, by federal law, are eligible for services, as well as students who may not be eligible but are considered at risk.

Teaching Tangibles
Explore various perspectives on teaching students with special needs.
Identify issues regarding standards and accountability with respect to students with special needs.
Understand standards and regulations related to teaching students with special needs.
Identify when and how to enlist outside resources to address the special needs of students.
Learn strategies for managing behavior and fostering a classroom environment that is supportive of all students.
Explore the use of technology to support students in an inclusive classroom environment.


Oct 16, 2020


Education (K-12)





Credits / Hours

3 semester hours

Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Donald D. Deshler, Ph.D.

Dr. Donald Deshler is a Professor in the Department of Special Education and Director of the Center for Research on Learning (CRL) at the University of Kansas and the author of the textbook Teaching Adolescents with Learning Disabilities: Strategies and Methods. He was the original editor of the Councils for Learning Disabilities' journal, The Learning Disability Quarterly, and is currently on the editorial boards of several other journals in learning disabilities and special education. Dr. Deshler is the recipient of the Louise Byrd Outstanding Graduate Educator of the Year Award and the Higuchi Research Achievement Award at the University of Kansas.

Marilyn Friend, Ph.D.

Dr. Friend is chair and professor of the Department of Specialized Education Services at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The author of numerous books and publications and co-author of Including Students with Special Needs: A Practical Guide for Classroom Teachers, Dr. Friend specializes in the areas of collaboration and consultation in special education, service delivery systems, teaming, and inclusive education. She is involved in undergraduate and graduate teaching, field-based research, advising, and the development and coordination of teacher education programs for students with mild disabilities.

Margaret E. King-Sears, Ph.D.

Dr. King-Sears is a professor in the Department of Special Education at Johns Hopkins University. A former president of the Council for Learning Disabilities, Dr. King-Sears has worked extensively to educate teachers on successful inclusion practices that ensure progress and challenge for students with disabilities. She is co-author of Student-Directed Learning: Teachers’ Guides to Inclusive Practices and Teaching Students in Inclusive Settings: From Theory to Practice. Dr. King-Sears is a consulting editor at various publications, including Learning Disability Quarterly and Remedial and Special Education.

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