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Building Your Repertoire of Teaching Strategies

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Overview / Abstract:

In today’s diverse classrooms, your ability to reach all your students requires a full repertoire of teaching strategies. This graduate-level course features several dynamic strategies that build on your existing teaching skills, and gives you insights on when and how to use them. Explore four innovative models of effective instruction that range from traditional knowledge acquisition to fostering creative problem-solving and collaboration. Each model is supported by a variety of strategies that combine theory with practical teaching practices supported by classroom demonstrations. With these proven strategies, you will learn how to design and implement a variety of lessons that harness the potential of all learners in your classroom.

This course requires that you either use presentation software, such as Microsoft® PowerPoint®, or visual representation software, such as Inspiration®, or upload a scanned, handwritten diagram.

Teaching Tangibles
Identify and define four models of effective instruction: mastery, understanding, self-expressive, and interpersonal.
Integrate a variety of strategies into your teaching repertoire.
Determine when it is appropriate to use each strategy.
Understand the relationship between teaching, learning, and thinking as they affect both you and your students.
Use the four models to explore and adapt new strategies.


Oct 16, 2020


Education (K-12)





Credits / Hours

3 semester hours

Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Art Costa, Ed.D.

Dr. Costa is emeritus professor at the School of Education, California State University, Sacramento, where he has taught graduate courses to teachers and administrators in curriculum, supervision, and the improvement of instruction. He is also co-director of the Institute for Intelligent Behavior. He has served as president of the national Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and has worked with numerous educational associations around the globe. A prolific writer, Dr. Costa has authored more than 100 journal articles, books, and papers. He co-authored Assessment in the Learning Organization: Shifting the Paradigm with Bena Kallick (ASCD, 1995).

Art Costa has also authored books available through Canter’s partner, Corwin press.

David Johnson, Ed.D.

Dr. Johnson is internationally known for his extensive educational research, which spans 30 years. A professor at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Johnson has authored 350 books and articles. He is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including “Who’s Who in America” and “Who’s Who in the World.” Dr. Johnson is best known by many educators as a pioneer in cooperative learning.

David Johnson has also authored books available through Canter’s partner, Corwin press.

Harvey F. Silver, Ed.D.

Dr. Silver is president of Silver Strong & Associates, Inc., an educational training and consulting firm specializing in learning styles, effective teaching strategies, and curriculum design. Author of numerous books and articles, Dr. Silver is a former teacher and administrator on the secondary, elementary, and graduate school levels. He has served as a consultant/trainer for ASCD, the Rand Corporation, the Educational Testing Service, and Phi Delta Kappan, as well as for state departments of education and school districts in the United States, Canada, and overseas.

Harvey F. Silver has also authored books available through Canter’s partner, Corwin press.

Patricia R. Wolfe, Ed.D.

Dr. Wolfe has 20 years of experience in the fields of teaching and staff development. She is presently an independent educational consultant and staff development trainer with expertise in the latest developments in brain research and its implications for teaching and learning. In addition to developing video programs in her field, Dr. Wolfe has published many articles and books.

Patricia Wolfe has also authored books available through Canter’s partner, Corwin press.

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