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Learning Differences: Effective Teaching with Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences®

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Overview / Abstract:

Each of your students brings something unique to the classroom, including distinct learning styles and preferences. Understanding the individual differences of your students, and using that understanding as you design instruction, can help you become more effective in the classroom. This graduate-level course addresses these aspects of student diversity, and offers practical strategies that allow you to enhance each student’s strengths.

Teaching Tangibles
Explore learning styles and multiple intelligences.
Learn methods for identifying students’ strengths and liabilities as learners.
Develop instructional activities and assessments that facilitate the learning process for students in all four learning styles.
Design instruction that draws on all multiple intelligences.


Oct 16, 2020


Education (K-12)





Credits / Hours

3 semester hours

Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Jo Gusman, M.A.

Ms. Gusman is a teacher education instructor at California State University, Sacramento, and member of the Multiple Intelligence Institute Advisory Board. As a consultant in the areas of multiple intelligences theory and application, integrated curriculum, whole-brain approaches, second-language acquisition, and education reform, Ms. Gusman works with teachers and school district administrators across the country.

J. Robert Hanson, M.Div., S.T.M., Ed.D.

Dr. Hanson has been involved in education for more than 25 years. He is an internationally known authority on psychological types, learning profiles, and the educational applications of analytical psychology. He is a director and lecturer at the Jung Center of Philadelphia and holds a certificate in analytical psychology from the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich. Dr. Hanson has provided training and consulting services to educators for more than 20 years. He has authored a comprehensive analysis of learning-style models and a series of research monographs, and he has co-authored a three-volume publication entitled Dealing with Diversity.

Sue Teele, Ph.D.

Dr. Teele is the director of the Education Department at the University of California Riverside Extension. She has authored several books and articles on multiple intelligences and developed the “Teele Inventory of Multiple Intelligences” (TIMI). Her latest books include The Multiple Intelligences School: A Place for All Students to Succeed and Rainbows of Intelligence: Exploring How Students Learn. Dr. Teele’s specialized research focuses on multiple intelligences applications for the K–12 classroom, as well as implementation and appropriate assessment procedures.

Sue Teele has also authored books available through Canter’s partner, Corwin press.

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