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Supervision Of Curriculum, Instruction And Assessment

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This course examines principals’ responsibilities related to supervision of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Principal candidates study the relationships among supervision, curriculum design, national and state standards, and effective instructional practice for diverse learners. Candidates also review the types of assessments that school leaders must be familiar with, the use of assessments to measure and support student achievement, the continuous school improvement model, and the development of school improvement plans. In addition, candidates participate in field experiences related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Advisor.

Supervision and Leadership

Define supervision and leadership.
Examine historical approaches to supervision and leadership.
Differentiate among characteristics of effective supervisory and leadership traits, knowledge, and skills.
Analyze issues influencing supervision and leadership.
Supervision of Curriculum

Examine varied approaches to developing curriculum that address diverse learners.
Examine the role of technology in curriculum development.
Analyze the elements of effective curriculum implementation.
Critique methods of evaluating curriculum development and implementation.
Analyze the principal’s role in effective development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum.
Supervision of Instruction

Examine varied approaches to instructional planning for diverse learners.
Analyze the elements of effective differentiated instruction.
Determine the elements of effective classroom management.
Compare and contrast techniques for evaluating instruction.
Analyze the principal’s role in promoting effective instruction.
Analyze issues related to supervising and evaluating instruction.
Supervision and Evaluation of Teachers

Examine classroom observation techniques.
Analyze multiple and varied ways of supervising and evaluating teachers.
Propose strategies for working with teachers following evaluation to improve their performance.
Supervision of Staff Development

Identify the characteristics of effective in-service programs for diverse teachers and staff.
Examine the effectiveness of staff development as a tool for school improvement.
Explain collaborative teaching practices as staff development.
Analyze the principal’s role in assisting teachers in evaluating their own performance.
Supervision of Assessment

Compare and contrast types of assessments administered by K-12 districts, schools, and teachers.
Analyze the uses of assessment by districts, schools, and teachers.
Utilize technology to gather assessment data and to determine issues based on the data.
Develop a plan for effectively communicating test results to parents.
Describe the continuous school improvement model.
Create a plan for using assessment data to guide the development of a school improvement plan.


Oct 31, 2020


Office Management , Education (Higher Ed) , Education (K-12)





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University of Phoenix

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