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University of Phoenix

Leadership Strategies For Educators

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Overview / Abstract:

This course is designed to guide participants in the practical application of current trends and strategies of school leadership and organizational culture. Participants explore the roles and responsibilities of leadership, including decision making, communication, collaboration, and conflict management. A further emphasis is responsiveness to legislation and implementation of standards, including Common Core, to facilitate positive school change.
This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Advisor.

Leadership and Decision Making

Analyze leadership styles.
Distinguish traits of effective leadership.
Analyze the role and responsibility of a school leader's authority, power, and influence.
Compare decision-making processes.
Organizational Culture

Summarize the elements of organizational culture.
Describe the cultural elements of an effective school.
Illustrate how an administrator can promote a positive organizational culture.
Measure a school's climate.
Communication, Collaboration, and Conflict Management

Determine effective ways to communicate and collaborate.
Describe the benefits of effective communication and collaboration.
Explain how to honor diversity through communication and collaboration.
Identify sources of conflict.
Generate strategies to manage conflict.
Standards and Legislation

Determine how to lead and promote the implementation of standards.
Determine how to lead and coordinate responsiveness to current legislation.
Create strategies for mobilizing stakeholders.
Illustrate methods to overcome challenges.
Develop a plan to research and share current trends.
Positive School Change

Illustrate the process of change.
Assess the challenges for implementing school change.
Create a plan to guide positive school change.
Evaluate school changes.

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Nov 05, 2020


Education (Higher Ed) , Education (K-12)





Credits / Hours

3.0 CEU

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University of Phoenix

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