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University of Phoenix

Instructional Program Management And Evaluation

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Overview / Abstract:

This course is designed to examine instructional supervision, organizational techniques, and other skills needed to manage and evaluate the instructional program. The course focuses on methods of staff supervision, curriculum development, data-driven instructional improvement, assessment, evaluation of instructional standards, and staff development. Students are expected to demonstrate that they can engage staff and community as they develop student standards and assessments, help staff evaluate learning, coach effective instruction, and promote a school climate for learning.
This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Advisor.

The Influence of Instructional Leadership

Examine the influence that a principal has on school climate or environment.
Educational Administrative Standards

Identify state and national standards for administrators.
Assessment of Administrators

Evaluate different instruments used in school districts to assess administrators.
Identify strategies to meet the requirements of the assessment instrument.
Models of Supervision

Examine models used to supervise instruction such as clinical supervision, peer coaching, direct assistance, and administrative monitoring.
Analyze implementation strategies for models of supervision.
Leadership in the Improvement of Instruction

Analyze leadership strategies that support teachers.
Recommend specific ways school administrators can assist teachers in effectively managing student behavior, which leads to improved instruction.
Recommend specific technological areas that could be used to improve student learning.
Evaluation Tools and Techniques

Examine possible applications of instruments for supervision and evaluation of staff.
Analyze supervision and evaluation skills to diagnose instruction.
Conferencing Tools and Techniques

Analyze effective conferencing techniques and strategies.
Identify mentoring processes.
Managing Conflict

Examine the issue of conflict in today's schools.
Staff Development

Analyze components of effective in-service and staff development programs to assist in the improvement of instruction.
Curriculum Development and Evaluation

Examine program assessment and evaluation.
Analyze evaluation models for implementing curriculum study.
Application of the Principles of Instructional Program Management and Evaluation

Examine the models of supervision and the relationship of curriculum, staff development, and supervision.


Nov 05, 2020


Education (Higher Ed) , Education (K-12)





Credits / Hours

3.0 CEU

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University of Phoenix

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