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University of Phoenix

Supervision/management In Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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Overview / Abstract:

This course is an overview of supervision and management as they relate to the practice of counseling. Models of supervision and counselor development, supervision and management processes, assessment and evaluation issues, and ethical and legal aspects of supervision are emphasized. Students explore their skills in management, supervision, and consultation, particularly as they relate to recent changes in the mental health care delivery system.
This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Advisor.

Role and Function of Supervisors, Qualifications of Supervisors, Supervision and Supervisory Settings

Develop a working definition of clinical supervision.
Analyze the functions of supervision in the clinical setting.
Describe essential supervisory characteristics.
Analyze the components of positive supervisory relationships.
Identify state regulations regarding clinical supervision.
Identify various aspects of supervision in public and private settings, or other settings as applicable.
Assess the impact of personal history on the supervisory relationship.
Models of Supervision, Supervisory Interventions

Describe conceptual and developmental models of counseling supervision.
Analyze psychotherapy-based models of supervision.
Discuss the functions of the supervisor as a role model in supervision.
Identify key supervisor responsibilities for training supervisees.
Analyze supervisory interventions and their appropriate and timely use.
Evaluate supervisee competency utilizing multiple tools and measures.
Demonstrate the appropriate use of key supervisory intervention skills.
Identify professional issues that affect clinical mental health counselors.
Skills and Tasks of Supervisees

Discuss the importance of developing appropriate treatment plans, case notes, and clinical documentation.
Describe the effects of unresolved personal issues as they relate to supervisee performance.
Define supervisory needs using a conceptual and psychotherapy-based model of supervision.
Legal and Ethical Issues in Supervision

Review the ACA Code of Ethics, Section F: Supervision, Training, and Teaching.
Describe the major legal aspects of clinical supervision, including state licensure requirements.
Articulate the Approved Clinical Supervisor Code of Ethics, National Board for Certified Counselors.
Management and Consultation

Define consultation and differentiate from clinical supervision.
Analyze consultation models and ethical implications.
Compare and contrast administrative supervision, management, and clinical supervision, including administration finance and accountability in mental health services and programs.
Review public policies on the local, state, and national levels that affect the quality and accessibility of mental health services.
Emergency Response Management

Identify supervision strategies which prepare, monitor, and support counselors in providing services to trauma-based clients.
Explain the operation of an emergency management system within clinical mental health agencies and in the community.
Articulate the principles of crisis intervention management for the victims of disasters or other trauma-causing events.


Nov 05, 2020


Education (Higher Ed) , Education (K-12) , Counselor CE, Psychology CE





Credits / Hours

3.0 CEU

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University of Phoenix

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