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University of Phoenix

Internship C

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Overview / Abstract:

Counseling Internship is a 600-hour clinical experience (900 hours in Utah) required of all MSC students. Depending on the campus, the internship is divided into either 200 or 300 hour sections, each lasting 15 weeks. Those campuses that offer CCMH 597 A, B, and C require students to complete 200 hours for each course (except Utah which requires 300 hours each), while those campuses that offer only CCMH 597 A and B require the student to complete 300 hours for each course. Please check with your Campus College Chair for any clarification or questions you have. The internship experience comprises Portfolio III of the counseling portfolio series. Students are placed in community counseling agencies where they provide clinical services to clients under the direction of an approved licensed agency site supervisor. Students are also assisted in their preparation for the National Counselor Examination.
This graduate-level course is 15 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Advisor.

Overview of Internship C

Outline internship expectations, including site expectations; state law, agency, and University of Phoenix policy and procedures; and standards for professional behavior.
Establish guidelines for clinical supervision with the supervision contract.
Review case-conceptualization presentation guidelines and requirements.
Case Conceptualizations and Self-Awareness

Participate as clinical-staff peer reviewers in case conceptualization presentations.
Demonstrate integrative case conceptualization skills, including, developing effective interventions and measurable treatment outcomes.
Exhibit professional behavior and presentation skills.
Demonstrate effective counseling skills and competencies, including treatment planning.
Analyze levels of self-awareness related to counselor internal processes, such as responses to clients.
Conclusion of Internship C

Review personal growth and development of a professional counselor identity.
Evaluate progression toward self-awareness
Demonstrate effective counseling skills and competencies,


Nov 05, 2020


Education (Higher Ed) , Education (K-12) , Counselor CE, Psychology CE





Credits / Hours

3.0 CEU

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University of Phoenix

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