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New England Culinary Institute

Beer & Spirits

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This course will explore the history of beer and spirits production from ancient times to the present. The curriculum will cover a broad spectrum of beer products to include various ales and lager, and distilled products to include whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, tequila, brandy and the different types of liqueurs. Analysis of the raw materials for each beverage, along with production regulations and techniques will give students an understanding of the uniqueness and diversity of the worlds’ major categories of distilled spirits. In addition, current trends for each beverage category will be highlighted in order to give students perspective on the evolving elements of the food and beverage industry where there careers will be focused. The online delivery will include narrative content, videos, web links, podcasts, screen casts and other technological teaching tools in order to deliver a multi-faceted approach to learning.


Nov 24, 2020


Barista , Bartending , Culinary



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3 Credits

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New England Culinary Institute

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