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New England Culinary Institute

European Wines

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In this course, the emphasis will be on French regional wines as this country continues to hold a prominent position in the international marketplace. There will be a close look at the traditions, the culture, the terroir and varietals, and the styles of wine from each of France’s six major wine regions. Also an overview of the emerging regions of the South and the trend towards affordable Vins de Pays. We will also conduct a detailed exploration of the other major wine-producing countries of Europe: Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal (including the great fortified wines of these two countries, Port, Madiera and Sherry). We will also cover, but to a lesser degree, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, especially Hungary, as well as Greece and Isreal. The history, culture, cuisine, wine laws and styles of wine of each country will be studied, as will each country’s current situation in the international wine market.


Nov 24, 2020


Barista , Bartending , Culinary



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3 Credits

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New England Culinary Institute

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