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New England Culinary Institute

Advanced Food and Wine Pairing

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Advanced food and wine pairing introduces students to the advanced techniques and skills associated withrecognized pairings of fermented beverages and food. Through exploration and application of theory, students will begin to identify the critical characteristics in food and wine that directly impact their pairing. Throughout this course students will explore and experience single dish and multi-course pairings, as well as flight offerings. Key areas of study will be the exploration and understanding of the impact culture and terroir has on regional pairings, the role that sensory perception has on food and wine, how the attributes of food and wine can affect pairing, and how the production of wine and the technique and method employed in preparing the food can influence taste, flavor, texture and appeal of pairings. Additional focus will be spent exploring the elements of successful menu planning skills and techniques associated with wine and food pairings.


Nov 24, 2020


Barista , Bartending , Culinary



Credits / Hours

5 Credits

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New England Culinary Institute

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