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New England Culinary Institute


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Exploring the innovative and creative spirit associated with being both an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur is the foundation of this class. This class will continue exploring how other successful leaders and managers have used their opportunity vision to create competitive advantages in their own business or as a part of organization. To quote Mark Twain, “I was seldom able to see an opportunity, until it ceased to be one.” By studying how winning entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs think, act and perform, students can then begin to establish goals to practice emulating these actions, attitudes, habits and strategies. Through readings, on-line discussions and independent research, students will further enhance their ability to demonstrate innovative and creative thinking. Much of the content of this class will be built around the book, Beer School, Bottling Success at the Brooklyn Brewery, by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter.


Nov 24, 2020


Barista , Bartending , Culinary



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5 Credits

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New England Culinary Institute

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