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The New School

Secrets of the Blues

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The Blues began as an underground railroad of sound and poetics that conveyed Black Americans’ experiences of joy, suffering, longing, and spirituality. Its secluded origins in the Southern United States grew into an internationally acclaimed phenomenon. Secrets of the Blues will study how metaphorically veiled messages helped a segregated culture hone its self-definition and maintain inner strength through an interplay of developments in music and text and how contact with this art form profoundly influenced everything that came onto its path.
Students will survey and analyze genres, oral traditions, societal norms, and their role in past and recent history. Projects will include collaborative transcriptions and analysis of texts and musical techniques that lead to African influences, covert language, Biblical parables, erotic and ironic metaphors as part of a network that unified isolated communities. The Blues will be shown studied as a catalyst for Rock, Gospel, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Jazz, and classical music (Ravel and Gershwin among others) and the socio-anthropology of its societal shift from rural life into urban culture.
The instructor draw on historic video and audio documents and offer in class demonstrations of guitar techniques that Evans learned from Rev. Gary Davis (1896-1972) n.b. This course will be relevant to students of Music (all branches), Poetry, Literature, Sociology, History, Anthropology, and Ethnography.


Dec 26, 2020


Education (Higher Ed) , Education (K-12)


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Mannes College

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