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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

B46.1 Webinar on Functional Standards Collection

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Overview / Abstract:

On May 8, 2012, ASME presents a no-cost, no-obligation webinar on the Functional Standards collection which is a new, non-mandatory Appendix J recently included into ASME’s widely applied B46.1-2009 Standard on Surface Texture (Surface Roughness, Waviness and Lay).
The applications of surface texture measurement & specification are numerous and growing in various industries from conventionally machined mechanical components to electrical & electronic devices, and even into bio-medical and micro/nano technology components & systems. This webinar provides an introduction to the spectrum of surface technology applications that have been documented in various industry standards which specify roughness and waviness values as well as their associated measurement settings.

The Functional Standards collection is a compilation of standards documents from any professional organization that contains reference to surface texture specifications. The particular measurement conditions, parameters, and values are included as reference summary information within this appendix. This webinar will provide an overview of the various standards presently included in this collection and offers a discussion of the future direction for this divergent initiative. As a continuing effort to expand this standards list, suggestions for additional references are encouraged and should be made to the ASME B46 Committee.


Jan 09, 2020


Civil Engineering , Electrical Engineering , Mechanical Engineering





Presenters / Authors / Faculty


Edward Widder, Technical Specialist, Federal-Mogul Powertrain Sealing & Bearings Group

Instructor bio:

Edward Widder received a BSME from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1980 and is a registered Professional Engineer in Illinois. He has 32 years of experience in mechanical systems design and analysis, with emphasis on fluid sealing technology. Widder is a member of ASME & SAE and has been a member of the ASME B46 Standards Committee since 2004. He participated in the B46 Editorial Working Group towards release of the ASME B46.1-2009 standard, including the addition of the Functional Standards listing in Non-Mandatory Appendix J of this document.

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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

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