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Really Bizarre Sexual Behaviors

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The range of extant human behavior is truly extraordinary. But, the range of sexual behaviors is exponentially more so. Some are so infrequent and atypical that we call them “bizarre.” Such sexual practices may be described by some laypersons as “sick” or “abnormal.” Even some health care professionals may label such behaviors as “paraphilic” or “psychopathological” or a major behavior or personality disorder or as simply symptomatic of very serious emotional disturbances.

This continuing education course is intended to familiarize clinicians with a variety of “really bizarre sexual behaviors” that they might at least occasionally encounter in their practices. Our discussion is limited to behaviors and fantasies occurring with a human partner of either sex who consents to participation without coercion. No animals or children are involved as sexual objects or partners.

It is useful to be aware of what some people like to do sexually and the language typically used in the informal sexual underground. There is no need to engage in such practices personally or even to “experiment” with them to become sufficiently knowledgeable. It is also important to know where to go to learn more.

Finally, this course will suggest criteria on how to make the decision on whether to treat such behaviors. Society claims an interest in an individual’s intimate practices and may sometimes invoke the criminal justice system to enforce those interests. Thus, there are ethical implications about court mandated treatment programs for behaviors that are consensual and not harmful to anyone.


Dec 31, 2026


Counselor CE, Psychology CE, Social Work CE





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Louis R. Franzini, PhD

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Psychiatry / Mental Health, Sexual Issues

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Professional Development Resources Really Bizarre Sexual Behaviors

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