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Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

Esthetic Full-Mouth Implant Reconstruction: CAD/CAM Restorations and Computer Guided Technology (Module I, II, & III)

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Overview / Abstract:

The use of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) has been incorporated into different disciplines of dentistry in the last decade. CAD/CAM implant frameworks designed by a technician on a computer and manufactured by a computer operated facility to a high level of precision offer many benefits to implant dentistry. The use of computeraided tomography, computer-assisted treatment planning and computerguided surgery has been available for a variety of applications. Research and experience with this technology allows us to fine tune its use and understand its applications and limitations better than ever before. The use of these advanced technologies will be demonstrated and reviewed clinically. Advantages, disadvantages and limitations will be discussed to ensure maximum benefits of computer technology to a successful implant full-mouth reconstruction.

Modules I & II lectures include:
• CAD/CAM frameworks rationale and design
• Computer-guided treatment planning for surgery
• Immediate loading
• Tilted implants: avoid grafting, enhance A-P spread
• Fixed implant reconstruction for every patient?
• Complications and limitations
• Laboratory techniques and procedures
• Surgical considerations

Module III: hands-on workshop:
(Limited attendance)
Passive Fit of Implant Frameworks In this unique course, participants will receive edentulous models with implants and full-arch CAD/CAM titanium and zirconia frameworks to be evaluated for fit. Different scientifically based methods will be used to evaluate various frameworks and a quick and practical method will be exercised to allow a quantifiable and objective evaluation of a framework for a clinically acceptable passive fit. Mastering this technique simplifies the restorative sequence significantly and enhances the predictability of the treatment.


Nov 03, 2017


Dental CDE


Live / Seminar, Seminar



Credits / Hours

21 Continue Education Units



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Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Harel Simon

Activity Specialities / Related Topics

Dental Implants, Dentistry "Cosmetic", Dentistry CAD/CAM, Dentistry General

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LIVE Activity Location Details

11-03-2017 - 11-05-2017

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC
925 W. 34th St.
Los Angeles, CA   90089
United States of America

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