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Therapy Tidbits – May/June 2017

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Overview / Abstract:
Therapy Tidbits – May/June 2017 is a 1-hour online continuing education (CE) course comprised of select articles from the May/June 2017 issue of The National Psychologist, a private, independent bi-monthly newspaper intended to keep mental health professionals informed about practice issues. The articles included in this course are:
Advocates in Field of Aging Hear Strong Call to Action - Highlights focus points of the ASA conference in March: critical social and political issues affecting older Americans and how the ASA is urging member support to protect them.
Cost-Containment Restricts Treatment for PTSD - A warzone PsyD is told her patient is receiving, “entirely too much treatment,” after reimbursement allowances by insurers fall substantially.
Hoffman Report Triggers Defamation Suit Against APA - Plaintiffs damaged by Hoffman Report claim bias and “blind-following” in case brought against him and numerous others alleged to be complicit in defaming.
Investigation Notice Not Cause for Panic - Illuminates steps you can take to prepare yourself and your practice, now and ahead of time, for the inevitable complaint.
Proponent of Internet Tests Contends They Eliminate Bias - Explores how the “human factor” can play a significant role in candidate deception.
Psychologists Best to Assess Concussions, Gender Effects - Discusses the importance of including the discipline of psychology when addressing the complex effects of concussions.
Brain Hacking: Tech Companies Hijack Your Attention - Focuses on the modern compulsion to keep tabs on our electronic communications and social media as well as tactics to combat such distractions.
Duty to Warn: Don’t Get Distracted by Legal Cases - Evaluates that laws may change, but the focus of “duty to warn” stays the same.

MMPI-2 Book is Excellent Reference Text - Promotes the many benefits of using the MMPI-2 as a resource material for psychology-based professions.
Course #11-10 | 2017 | 16 pages | 10 posttest questions


Dec 31, 2027


Counselor CE, Occupational Therapy CE, Psychology CE, Social Work CE





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Eric C. Marine; Larry Rosen, PhD; Paula Hartman-Stein, PhD

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Professional Development Resources Therapy Tidbits, The National Psychologist, Online CE Course, continuing education, online course, CE, CEU

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