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Osler Institute

Osler Ophthalmology Online Review

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Overview / Abstract:

After completing the Osler Ophthalmology Online Review, you will be able to:
• Apply the basic principles of optics to refractory problems and how to correct them
• Describe the anatomy and physiology of each separate unit of the eye
• Discuss common ocular conditions and delineate how to correlate clinical and pathologic findings
• Diagnose and manage common types of congenital and acquired disorders in children
• Explain the process of cataract surgery and potential complications
• Explain the basic concepts of glaucoma diagnosis and treatment approaches
• Discuss the differential diagnosis and treatment of uveitis
• Delineate how to apply differential surgical approaches to ocular surface reconstruction
• Describe the structure and function of the external eye and cornea as well as common disorders and use of artificial corneas
The Osler Ophthalmology Review also offers a variety of live Ophthalmology board review meetings as well as a number of text-based Ophthalmology board review materials.


Jul 31, 2021


Physician CME


Book, DVD, Online, Seminar


One month access for $295 or 6 months access for $675.

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Osler Institute

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Osler Institute

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Ophthalmology / Optometry, Board Reviews / Exam Preparation

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