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Northwest Anesthesia Seminars

Anesthesia Update

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Overview / Abstract:

This course is designed for physicians, certified registered nurse anesthetists, physician assistants, registered nurses and other medical care providers who must maintain state-of-the-art knowledge of not only the specialty but also of all additional, related disciplines which may impact it.

Presentations are designed to facilitate the physician, nurse specialist, and other providers maintaining skills of the same kind to review and update knowledge and abilities in one or more of these areas vital to the practicing professional:

Possess the scientific background for clinical practice

Maintain state-of-the-art knowledge of not only the specialty, but also of all additional related disciplines which may impact it

Maintain an up-to-the-minute armamentarium of knowledge and skills for the selection and use of complex equipment, pharmacological agents, and procedures necessary for the provision of quality patient care

Manage self and colleagues to function toward common goals in the clinical setting, the clinical and educational institutions, and the community in which the practice resides

Serve as an expert in matters involving health care delivery; serve as an informed manager of clinical and educational services provided, including the acquisition and distribution of resources necessary in meeting professional goals

Provide assistance with and support of other service providers, departments, institutions, and organizations dependent upon the professional expertise of the practitioner

At the conclusion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

Apply the pertinent physical and behavioral sciences - to include but not be limited to advanced anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and social sciences - as they impact and are affected by the planning, delivery, and monitoring of anesthesia and related services inherent in the anesthesia professions.

Explain the selection, dosing considerations with methods of administration, safe use, and contraindications and precautions of presented pharmacological agents through the understanding of their physico-chemical properties, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, updated uses, and more recently developed additional, related, and similar drugs.

Outline comprehensive management plans for the group of patients discussed, whether related in age, physical status, cultural background, invasive procedure, anesthetic or analgesic requirements, clinical setting, adverse reactions, and/or goals of care.

Apply the principles of safety and asepsis in the performance of anesthetic procedures and administrations, equipment use, and other applications encountered during the provision of anesthesia and analgesia whether in the surgical unit, the labor and delivery suite, the pain management clinic, or other more remote location of anesthetizing services.

Incorporate the appropriate recommendations and/or requirements of pertinent external organizations, institutions, and professional groups - recognized as serving as the authority for and/or holding the responsibility to compile and approve such tenets - in the provision of anesthesia and related services, whether medical, legal, philosophical, ethical, or health care management standards.

Apply the new techniques in the clinical setting of the participant.

Monday, March 5
0630 Registration - Mandatory Sign In - Continental Breakfast
0655 Welcome NWAS Staff
0700 Thoracic Injuries: Anesthetic Considerations C.Smith
0800 Emergency Airway Management in Trauma C.Smith
0900 Ski Break
1545 Mandatory Sign In
1600 Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) R.Ball
1700 Introduction to Ultrasound Physics and Tips for Success D.Auyong
1800 Adjourn 0.6 Pharmacology
Tuesday, March 6
0630 Registration - Mandatory Sign In - Continental Breakfast
0700 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: A Practical Guide D.Auyong
0800 TAP Blocks, Paravertebral, Intercostal D.Auyong
0900 Ski Break
1545 Mandatory Sign In
1600 Massive Transfusion Protocol in Trauma C.Smith
1700 Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices R.Ball
1800 Adjourn 0.7 Pharmacology
Wednesday, March 7
0630 Registration - Mandatory Sign In - Continental Breakfast
0700 ASA, Plavix, and Coronary Stents R.Ball
0800 Anticoagulation and Regional Anesthesia R.Ball
0900 Ski Break
1545 Mandatory Sign In
1600 New Blocks: PECS Blocks, Serratus Plane, Quadratus Lumborum D.Auyong
1700 Anesthetic Considerations for Traumatic Brain Injury C.Smith
1800 Adjourn
1.4 Pharmacology

Thursday, March 8
0630 Registration - Mandatory Sign In - Continental Breakfast
0700 Enhanced Recovery Pathways and Their Application R.Ball
0800 Anesthesia for the Addiction Patient R.Ball
0900 Ski Break
1545 Mandatory Sign In
1600 Anesthetic Considerations for Musculoskeletal Trauma C.Smith
1700 Best Practice for Major Hip and Knee Surgery D.Auyong
1800 Adjourn
0.6 Pharmacology

Friday, March 9
0630 Registration - Mandatory Sign In - Continental Breakfast
0700 Nonobstetric Anesthesia for the Parturient R.Ball
0800 Anesthetic Considerations for Ocular and Maxillofacial Trauma C.Smith
0900 Break
0915 Cervical Spine Injury and Intubation C.Smith
1015 Local Anesthetic Toxicity D.Auyong
1115 Adjourn
1.6 Pharmacology

20 CME I
20 Class A CEC
4.9 Pharmacology Hours†


Feb 26, 2018


Nurse Practitioner , Nursing CNE, Pharmacy CPE, Physician CME, Physician Assistant CME, Surgical Technology CE


Live / Seminar, Seminar



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Presenters / Authors / Faculty

David B. Auyong, MD
Staff Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesiology
Medical Director, Pre-Anesthesia Assessment Clinic
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Seattle, Washington

Ryan D. Ball, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
UPMC Passavant Anesthesiology
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Charles E. Smith, MD
Professor of Anesthesia
Attending Anesthesiologist
Director, Anesthesia Research
MetroHealth Medical Center
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio

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LIVE Activity Location Details

03-05-2018 - 03-09-2018

Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Hotel Terra
3335 Village Dr.
Teton Village, WY   83025
United States of America

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