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Speech Therapy Professional Development

Maximizing Outcomes in Patients with Cognitive Impairments - Dr. Robert Winningham

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Overview / Abstract:

Patients with cognitive impairment often have difficulty with functional activities as well as learning or relearning behaviors in the clinic. Many clients are functioning below their potential, because of fear or other psychological barriers. In addition, depressed, unmotivated, apathetic and/or anxious clients often do not benefit from treatment as much as others. As you know, these patients often pose difficult challenges for therapists. In this exciting and unique 2 day course, we will learn and discuss how to increase the efficacy of our treatment with patients who have cognitive impairment, depression, or difficult personality disorders. Therapists will learn how to individualize their treatment interventions for difficult populations in this intermediate course. Therapists will also get practical ideas, tools, and strategies they will be able to immediately put into practice.

If you treat patients with the following conditions then this course is for you:
Alzheimers Disease
Parkinsons Disease
Brain injury from stroke or trauma
No awareness of their impairments
Extreme lack of motivation
Multiple Sclerosis
Older adults with memory problems
Patients that fall or are fearful of falling
The approaches presented will be evidence-based, supported by research and will focus on improving functional independence, mobility, ADLs, and even memory ability. Videotaped clinical case studies and examples will be used to illustrate and reinforce the ideas and techniques.

In this cutting edge course, participants will also learn up-to-date information about memory, aging, and dementia. They will learn how to implement evidence-based interventions to slow or even reverse memory problems. Participants will get web access to over 300 cognitive rehabilitation activities and social support interventions for community settings. Most of these activities and interventions are appropriate for people who want to be proactive in preventing memory loss as well as those who have Mild Cognitive Impairment, early stage dementia, or cognitive deficits after a stroke. Workshop participants will learn how to take advantage of preserved cognitive abilities that allow even mid-stage dementia patients to learn new skills. Finally, participants will learn how to motivate their apathetic and unmotivated residents and patients so they can take advantage of these breakthroughs.


Dec 31, 2027


Occupational Therapy CE, Speech Language Pathology CE


Online, Webinar / Webcast / Video



Credits / Hours

12 hours



Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Dr. Robert Winningham

Sponsors / Supporters / Grant Providers

Video Continuing Education LLC

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Speech Therapy, ASHA CEU, Speech Pathology, AOTA, Occupational Therapy, Alzheimers, Disease, Parkinsons Disease, Brain injury from stroke or trauma, No awareness of their impairments, Depression, Apathy, Extreme lack of motivation, Multiple Sclerosis, Older adults

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