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Nutrition and Depression: Advanced Clinical Concepts

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Overview / Abstract:

Depression is an increasingly common, complex, inflammatory condition that co-occurs with a host of other conditions. This course will examine how we can combat depression through nutrition, starting with an exploration of the etiology of depression –taking a look at the role of neurotransmitters, the HPA axis and cortisol, gene expression (epigenetics), upregulation and downregulation, and the connections between depression and immunity and depression and obesity.We will then turn our attention to macronutrients and investigate how factors such as regulating blood sugar, achieving amino acid balance, consuming the right fats, and eating fruits and vegetables can enhance mood, improve our decision-making, enhance cognitive processes, and reduce inflammation. From there, we will look at just how we go about the process of building a better brain –one neurotransmitter at a time.Exercises you can use with clients are included.


Dec 31, 2027


Counselor CE, Dietetics / Dietitian CE, Occupational Therapy CE, Psychology CE, Social Work CE





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Claire Dorotik-Nana, LMFTand Gina Gunderson, MS, RD, LD/N

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Professional Development Resources depression, nutrition, depression and immunity, depression and obesity, macronutrients, eitiology of depression, depression and brain function, blood sugar regulation and mood, protein intake and regulation and brain function, Omega 3 fatty acids and depression, dietary interventions

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