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Suspensions and Emulsions in Pharmaceuticals and Food

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This course is designed to provide a set of theoretical and practical tools for those interested in working with dispersed phases and predicting and understanding their sometimes complex behavior. The participant will learn to use the materials and processes needed to create dispersed-phase products, and to effectively solve problems arising during development. Troubleshooting existing commercial product problems will be emphasized as well. The theoretical underpinnings of emulsion and suspension behavior will be described to provide a backdrop for discussions of specific emulsifying and suspending systems. Current methods to analyze the behavior of dispersed phases will be described, as will methods to measure and predict stability of the products. Processing and scale-up issues specific to the type of equipment needed to create dispersed phases will also be discussed.


Apr 18, 2018


Education (Higher Ed)





Credits / Hours

1.2 CEUs



Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Larry D. Ford, Ph.D., Director of Research and Development, Peak Foods

Keywords / Search Terms

CfPA dispersed phases, emulsion, suspension, Colloid Chemistry, Scale-up Seminar CE CME

LIVE Activity Location Details

04-16-2018 - 04-17-2018

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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