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Biopharmaceutical Analytics: Method Development

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Overview / Abstract:

This intensive, 2-day course will teach participants how to develop an array of different analytical methods used in the Biopharmaceutical Industry. Troubleshooting issues during and after development will be discussed for each method as well as practical approaches to strengthening the methods robustness. This accredited course also includes information on how the methods should be used to support manufacturing, regulatory filings and stability programs.


May 02, 2018


Education (Higher Ed)


Live / Seminar, Seminar



Credits / Hours

1.2 CEUs



Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Rachel Monsef, Consultant to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries

Keywords / Search Terms

CfPA pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, Analytics, Development, ELISA, SEC Method, CE-SDS Method Development, Affinity HPLC, Peptide Map Seminar CE CME

LIVE Activity Location Details

04-30-2018 - 05-01-2018

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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