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International College of Surgeons - US Section

81st Annual Surgical Update

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Overview / Abstract:

Updated Abstract will be available in July.

Overall Mission and Philosophy

The International College of Surgeons, United States Section is organized to provide continuing medical education of the highest quality to its members and serve as an international forum for the sharing of medical and surgical knowledge and expertise.

Scope (Content Areas)

The scope of the College's ongoing education program provides a variety of subjects including, but not limited to a review of the basic science and advances in medical knowledge related to surgical practice, as well as expertise in traditional and state of the art surgical techniques. The international nature of the College offers a unique focus to its educational programs, allowing for richness in diversity and a cross-cultural exchange of information.


The primary audience of the International College of Surgeons, United States Section are the members of the College based in the United States, followed by College members from other national sections.

Other attendees of the College's CME program would include non-member surgeons, physicians from other specialties, residents in training and non-MD medical professionals.

Activities and Services

In conducting its educational activities, the College strives to utilize the best possible resources and educational aids and tailors its programs to meet the specific needs of its member physicians. Among the specific activities are the US Section's Annual Meeting and selected educational activities (ICS-US Division Meetings) determined by the Continuing Medical Education Committee and approved by the College's governing body.

In the area of educational services, the College offers its members an internal CME transcript program for documenting individual attendance at College sponsored activities.

Expected Results

The educational activities of the ICS-US CME Program are organized to provide attendees with the most current, up-to-date, state-of-the-art training and information. ICSUS sponsored CME activities intend to enhance the development of clinical excellence within the fields of general surgery, other surgical specialties and surgically related medical specialties.

The expected results of ICS-US educational activities are: the advancement of medical knowledge, the development of teaching skills, the improvement of performance in practice, and/or patient outcomes. Metrics for determining the achievement of the expected results may include:

Competence: Measure learning through the use of activity evaluations that include specific questions that will indicate whether participants in the activity have confidence in their ability to apply the knowledge they have gained.

Performance: Determine whether new behaviors were incorporated as intended through the use of a mandatory 30-day post-activity survey where activity participants confirm their previously indicated intentions to change practice as a result of the activity content.

Patient Outcomes: Activity participants will be able to show improvement or positive impact on performance in practice and/or patient outcomes through quality and patient safety metrics provided by participants in post activity surveys.

Overall Goals

The following are overall goals for the CME program of the International College of Surgeons, United States Section:

To promote interchange of surgical techniques and skills among surgeons internationally

To foster communication and friendships between surgeons of various nations through CME opportunities

To create an opportunity for specialty physicians to present research and clinical experience through the submission of abstracts and the presentation of scholarly papers

To present the most up-to-date techniques and current procedures through educational activities for specialists

To provide members with a mechanism for documenting their CME credits earned at College-sponsored learning activities.

To alert attendees to their need for further education and training to achieve or sustain competence in or mastery of a specific procedure.

To promote clinical research among young physicians through scholarship programs.

To further improve a physician’s practice habits within their respective fields further promoting quality self-assessment and peer-to-peer interaction.

To discuss improvement strategies within their specialties, setting performance goals and developing performance improvement plans that can be implemented into practice.


May 05, 2019


Surgical Technology CE


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International College of Surgeons - US Section CME: Surgery, Ethics, Practice Management - more details forthcoming as meeting approaches. Resort CE CME Live CE CME Seminar CE CME

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05-02-2019 - 05-04-2019

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington, PA
Farmington, PA   15437
United States of America

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