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Therapy Tidbits – July/August 2018

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Therapy Tidbits – July/August 2018 is a 1-hour online continuing education (CE) course comprised of select articles from the July/August 2018 issue of The National Psychologist, a private, independent bi-monthly newspaper intended to keep mental health professionals informed about practice issues. The articles included in this course are:

Hacking Creates Market for Cyber Insurance - Discusses the need for cyber insurance and provides examples of the types of coverage currently available to psychologists.

VA’s Telehealth Rule Raises Licensing Concerns - Describes the benefits and possible difficulties of the VA’s new rule, which allows VA psychologists to use technology in treatment of veterans regardless of the state of licensure or patient’s state of residence.

WHO Reclassifies Transgenderism - Statement noting the removal of transgenderism from the World Health Organization’s classifications of mental illness.

States Ponder Possible Changes to ACA - Highlights the opportunity to apply for Affordable Care Act Section 1332 innovation waiver, and cites examples of how states are attempting to reform the law.

Should Psychologists Abide by the Goldwater Rule? - The author shares her thoughts on the possible impact psychologists have on politics, and notes the psychologist’s obligation to adhere to the Goldwater Rule.

We Need a “Men’s Movement” - Discusses the need to re-evaluate society’s expectations of males in order to end antisocial behavior of errant males and to acquire views and practices that are more psychologically reliable in giving men better lives.

Managing Risks of Telepsychology - A brief overview of the possible risks associated with telepsychology.

Supervising in the Age of #MeToo, Trigger Warning and Safe Spaces - A look at the nuances of interactions between supervisors and supervisees in light of the current social and political climate.

Many Clients Need Financial Therapy - A look at this emerging field of therapy focused on evaluation and treatment of the “cognitive, emotional, behavioral, relational, and economic aspects of financial health” affecting one’s daily life.

Coming to Terms with LGBTQ Issues in Teen Therapy - Highlights the importance of educating oneself about LGBTQ issues in teen therapy and suggests websites that offer more information.

Course #11-21 | 2018 | 20 pages | 10 posttest questions


Dec 31, 2028


Counselor CE, Psychology CE, Social Work CE



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Dana Beezley-Smith, PhD; Jennifer A. Cohen, PhD, HSP; Julie Jacobs, PsyD, JD; et,al.

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Professional Development Resources The National Psychologist, Therapy Tidbits, online CE, ce course, online course, continuing education, ce quiz

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