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CME AWAY by Sea Courses

9-Night Costa Rica CME AWAY® - Updates in Neurology & Gastroenterology

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Only four places in the world boast an ecosystem so unique that it produces a cloud forest, and Costa Rica is one of them. Situated high on a mountain, the Monteverde Cloud Forest is created by the forest’s dry air combining with the humid, hot air of the rainforest. The result is a blanket of clouds that covers the forest, mimicking constant rainfall. This extremely wet environment has bred a diverse world of exotic flora and fauna. One of the cloud forest’s most famous residents is the endangered, resplendent quetzal. This colourful bird sports a golden beak and a greenhooded head, tail feathers of grey, black, and white, and a vibrant scarlet breast. Highly elusive, quetzal sightings are rare, but absolutely unforgettable when attained.


Feb 08, 2022


Audiologist , EMS / EMT / Paramedic CE, Nurse Practitioner , Nursing CNE, Occupational Therapy CE, Optometry / Ophthalmology CE, Pharmacy CPE, Physician CME, Physician Assistant CME, Psychology CE, Radiology / RAD Tech CE, Respiratory Therapy CE, Surgical Technology CE


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Dr. Alex Aspinall & Dr. Kathryn Giles

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02-09-2022 - 02-18-2022

Costa Rica
Costa Rica

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