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Schizophrenia: Understanding & Treating

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Overview / Abstract:

Schizophrenia: Understanding & Treating is a 3-hour online continuing education (CE) course that provides clinicians with practical guidance in understanding and treating schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a complex condition that is poorly understood by the general public and by many mental health clinicians, who receive little training on the condition. It’s important to understand because it’s the most debilitating and costly of all adult psychiatric illnesses.

To start, we’ll review the definition of schizophrenia, provide examples of the most common symptoms, detail its relationship to other psychotic disorders, and discuss the most common co-occurring conditions. Then we’ll examine historical and current understandings of what causes schizophrenia, review the risk factors for schizophrenia, and discuss how schizophrenia impacts the brain and the person more globally -- this is where we’ll talk about genetics, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neurodevelopment, and substance use.

Lastly, we’ll talk about evidence-based treatment approaches to schizophrenia, beginning with a discussion of different treatment models and then reviewing how treatment plans are developed before finally discussing a host of interventions, including medication, skills training, psychotherapy, and family interventions.

Course #31-21 | 2019 | 51 pages | 20 posttest questions


Dec 31, 2029


Counselor CE, Psychology CE, Social Work CE





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Hayden Finch, PhD

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Professional Development Resources Schizophrenia: Understanding & Treating, Schizophrenia, CE, CEU, continuing education, online course

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