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MCPHS University

Advancements in the Era of Precision Medicine: Focus on Breast Cancer

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Overview / Abstract:

Precision medicine is an emerging treatment approach which allows for a more accurate determination of which treatment and prevention strategies will be most effective for individual patients. It is important that pharmacists stay educated on the latest developments in this field as they have the unique skills and knowledge necessary to advance the integration of personalized medicine into clinical practice. The purpose of this presentation is to educate pharmacists on the science behind precision medicine and companion diagnostics, how it is currently being utilized in clinical practice, and the pharmacist’s role in practicing precision medicine.

This course will provide an overview of precision medicine approaches and challenges as they relate to oncology, with a special focus on breast cancer treatment modalities.
Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, the participant should be able to:

Discuss the precision medicine approach to treatment of diseases, including the treatment of breast cancer.

Explain how to integrate concepts of precision medicine in oncology into regular practice.
Discuss the evolution of advancements in precision medicine in breast cancer, and how they have been applied clinically

Describe the role of a pharmacist in the application of precision medicine in patient care.

Identify challenges associated with the integration of the pharmacist in clinical application of these therapies.


Jun 01, 2021


Pharmacy CPE



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Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Maghan Ballantyne, PharmD, RPh; Kevin Huang, PharmD; Joyce Lo, PharmD, RPh; Parvathy Varma, PharmD, MS; Sophia Wang, PharmD, RPh

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MCPHS University Precision Medicine, Cancer, Breast Cancer, Pharmacy, Pharmacist Free CE CME

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