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Generational Shift: Why We Should Modify our Instructional Strategies for the Next Generation of Pharmacists

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Do you feel like your interactions with Millennial students differ from those of previous generations? This course enables pharmacist educators to understand the attitudes, work ethics, and preferred methods of communication of the Millennial generation as well as how they learn and study. Hear discussion on effective strategies based on generational research and advances in neuroscience to implement in the classroom and experiential setting that will aid you in working with and teaching the Millennial generation.


Dec 17, 2023


Pharmacy CPE


Online, Webinar / Webcast / Video



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Mary Niemczyk, PhD
Associate Professor
Arizona State University
Chandler, AZ

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CEimpact CEI Impact CEI ce, precepting, preceptor, communication, experiential, generational shift, millennial, milenial, milenal, millenial, instruction strategy, preceptor strategies, communication strategies

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