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Imaging of Children, Adolescents & Young Adults: Radiologic & Clinical Perspectives in a New Decade

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The program will provide attendees with improved understanding of state-of-the-art technologies and applications of imaging evaluation in children and young adults from the perspectives of both referring physicians and experts in radiology.

Clinicians will discuss a variety of neurologic, cardiothoracic, musculoskeletal, oncologic, and organ specific diseases with an emphasis on diagnosis, management, and imaging expectations. Participants can expect to gain better insight into the diagnostic dilemmas faced by their referring colleagues and the value they can add with their imaging expertise.

Attendees will also learn from expert fellowship-trained radiologists providing guides to protocoling and preforming advanced imaging in patients with complex medical diseases. Diagnosing and reporting relevant and necessary findings in a clear and concise manner while retaining efficiency and image quality will be discussed.

Participants will gain perspective on state-of-the-art imaging of seizures and the clinical impact of brain imaging.
Explore congenital and acquired diseases of the heart and lung from both the referring physician and cardiothoracic imager’s vantage point with the goal of improving knowledge on these complex physiologic conditions and current imaging techniques.
Discuss complex orthopedic concerns such as hip and spinal disease in the adolescent and young adult population with an emphasis on current clinical management and the role of advanced imaging in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of these conditions.
Discuss common indications for fetal MRI, routine and advanced imaging techniques, and clinical expectations for diagnosis and reporting.
Learn about the common and unique indications for inner ear imaging with both CT and MRI. Gain insight into the clinical pathology. Discuss tips for maximizing diagnostic yields and clarify the common and less common imaging appearances of various congenital and acquired inner ear diseases.
Discuss current topics in body imaging including advanced liver imaging (including elastography and fat/iron quantification) and liver transplantation with the goal of improving participants’ understanding of the pathologies involved and the best ways to provide relevant and useful information to their clinical colleagues. Unique issues related to liver transplantation and postoperative interventional procedures will be discussed to enhance the attendees’ understanding of this complex subset of patients.


Oct 30, 2023


Physician CME, Radiology / RAD Tech CE


Online, Webinar / Webcast / Video



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Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Neil J. Mardis, DO, Program Chair
Lalit R. Bansal, MD
Lisa M. Berglund, MD
Terrence W. Carver, MD, FAAP
Robert D. Cullen, MD
Kristen A. Fickenscher, MD
Richard J. Hendrickson, MD, FACS, FAAP
Erin Opfer, DO
Douglas Rivard, DO
Eric T. Rush, MD, FAAP, FACMG
Sanket S. Shah, MD
Kyle F. Summer, DO
Emanuel J. Vlastos, MD, FACOG, FAAFP
Timothy P. Zinkus, MD

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Osteopathy / Osteopathic Medicine , Pediatrics, Radiology / Imagery / Nuclear Medicine

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AOCR AOCR, Radiology, CT, MRI Live CE CME

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